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Handmade Soaps and Bath Bombs along with Shower gels, headache and stress gels for sale UA-61135073-1

Soaps and Makeup

Gels and Soaps  – Some items no available to purchase on e-bay.  sallclewe-0

We have a great collection of Aromatherapy Gels and Soaps, Shower Gels and Novelty Soaps, Starting at just £1.75 each, click here for more details…..

Gels and SoapsBath Bombs

We have a range of Bath Bombs, and Mega Bath Bombs, in all sorts of fragrances, including glittery which will make great presents for all sorts of occasions, click here for details….

Bath Bombs CollectionNail Polish and Eye Shadow

We have a range of exciting Collection 2000 Eye Shaddows,  and Lipsticks from Collection 2000, O.P.I. and Sinful, click here for details…..

Lipstick and Eyeshaddow