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Ladies Waxing Service UA-61135073-1

Ladies Waxing Service

(Level 2 VTCT Waxing Certificate)

Bikini Line
Lip, Chin and Eyebrows

At SSF we’re dedicated to taking the sting out of waxing. With comfortable beds, a choice of waxes and expert professional care, we will do everything we can to make waxing relaxing and keep your skin soft, smooth and hair-free for longer.

Ladies Waxing ServiceWarm Waxing is suitable for larger areas of the body such as legs and is gentle on the face.
Hot Wax is suitable for smaller areas of coarse hair, such as the bikini line or under arms.  Hot wax is often the best option for sensitive skin or the more sensitive parts of the body.

SSF recommendations and facts

1/ Waxing every 4- 6 weeks can weaken the regrowth of hair.

2/ Waxing regularly improves the appearance of the skin and eliminates the stubble that is associated with shaving.

3/ Did you know that your hair grows quicker in the sunshine, so why not book a course of 3 treatments today and receive a 10% discount by paying for all 3 together.

4/ Ex-foliating the night or morning before your appointment will give better results.  This is also recommended when the hair is growing back, which will prevent ingrowing hairs.

Half Legs£poa
Bikini Line£poa
Eyebrow Shape£poa