Sally’s Back to Nature – Part 5

Hi Everyone,

Well the bath bombs and soaps have been so well received that we are temporarily out of stock of most of the range. But I will be restocking soon.  Items to look out for include “Rose soap, honey or chocolate lip balm and soap cheesecake slices, in a variety of flavours.

I would like to remind everyone the importance of having treatments with professionally trained members of the team.  We must firstly consider Health, Safety and Hygiene.  All Salon 2000 and Topnotch staff are taught the best practice(s) for cleanliness within the workplace and is a mandatory part of their qualification in there chosen field.  Other areas of importance are first aid, again if anything does not go to plan there are qualified first aiders at both sites to keep you safe and well.  Qualified staff can obtain Liability insurance and can register with the relevant governing body.  For example I am proud to be a member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists (the largest in Europe with over 21,000 members) and we have recently be awarded the Status of Stourbridge and Stourton Support group. 

More technical stuff – did you know that Rosemary oil used in a massage could actually increase you blood pressure.  Well probably not unless you are a trained Aromatherapist. So the message is clear if you want a treatment that suits your needs then choice a person qualified and trained properly.  For example I wouldn’t colour my own hair, because it might go green or another nasty shade. Instead the qualified hairdressers at the Salon sort this out for me with great results.  

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all clients old and new for there continued support and I hope to see you all again in the near future.

Sal xxx