Sally’s Back to Nature – Part 2

In last quarters newsletter I talked about how I started learning Aromatherapy and how I achieved a life times ambition.  This quarter I want to talk about the other therapies.  Indian Head Massage, well what can I say if you suffer with “tense nervous headaches” then DO NOT take Anadin, try an Indian Head Massage instead. Its another hands on treatment, that removes stressful energies and unblocks the chakra’s (the energy fields in the body).   There are 7 main chakra’s in the body, each is associated with a different colour.  So I will tell you about 3 off them.

Crown Chakra – is located at the top of the head, it’s associated with your higher consciousness and is always associated with the colour violet.

The Heart Chakra – is all about love and caring, the colour to see here is Green.

Sky Blue is the colour associated with the Throat Chakra.  Have you every wanted to say something and have bitten your tongue, so it plays on your mind and you worry.  The Throat chakra becomes closed because the lack of communication is effecting you.  This in turn is affecting your other chakra’s, your heart chakra is blocked because what you want to say is coming from the heart and you get a headache because of all the pressure you are under.

Your whole emotional system is shutting down, so an Indian Head Massage will open your chakra’s and release the energies so your worries melt away.

Colour therapy is a very important part in our lives, but I will talk about that next time.

Another brilliant therapy is Hopi Ear Candling – ideal for people suffering with sinus problems such as Hayfever, Tinitus and excess earwax. Doctors are increasing recommending this as an alternative treatment to eardrops or syringing.  I became interested in Hopi Ear Candling after my husband received a treatment. For several nights after his treatment he stopped snoring and I got some well-deserved sleep.

TTFN Sally (Soul Fingers) xxx