Sally’s Back to Nature – Part 11

Let’s start with our mental attitude – instead of saying “its old age” let’s change it to “I’m maturing in the pattern of my youth”. If we think that our problems are due to old age we fall into acceptance and don’t do anything about them.

I can help you change all of that:
A regular massage will help loosen those creaky joints, ease aches and pains, increase your circulation, sooth your nerves and help regulate your blood pressure.

As a mobile therapist – you could employ me and have a group massage session once a fortnight and invite your friends, family and neighbours to come in and share the costs. This would encourage the more timid members of the group to have a go.

I would also be available to give talks to groups during an evening or weekend.

I use a variety of different oils in my aromatherapy massage, which I blend to suit the individual’s needs. Oils that are suitable for the mature person include:-

a/ Basil & Rosemary to alleviate fatigue.

b/ Eucalyptus & Lavender for arthritis & rheumatic conditions.

c/ Camomile and Clary Sage for general aches and pains.

d/ Frankincense to clear negative thoughts and help alleviate symptoms of grief.

All of the oils are extracted from plants, flowers and vegetables so are totally nature. There’s no manmade chemical in site. Most of the oils have naturally occurring anti-bacterial, antiseptic, anti-viral or antibiotic properties in them. So an aromatherapy massage will really give your immune system a real boost