Sally’s Back to Nature – Part 10

Hi everyone,

Well it’s been another eventful couple of months at Topnotch.  I was shocked when I was asked to move rooms, as the club had other ideas on how to utilise the space.  So I’ve relocated & can now be found up the main stairs to the left. I’m sure the club will reveal the purpose of all this shortly.

Christmas is looming & I’ve re-stocked all the soaps, lip balms & bath bombs – just in time for you guys to buy your stocking fillers. This time we have gone for the “Mega Bath Bombs” in Christmas fragrances – including Frankincense, Red Berry, Frosty Apple, Pine & Tangerine, Spice & Orange, Marmalade, Raspberry & Kiwi. They are retailing at £1.75 each or 2 of £3.00. The regular bath bombs are still available in Rose, Apple, Cherry, Champagne, Lemongrass, Honey & Chamomile and cost £1.20 each or 5 for £5.00. Other new items are Cherry Cupcake Soaps and a variety of Shower Gels including Lavender, Rose, Peppermint & Rosemary, Energise, And Juicy Orange & Ylang Ylang. All novelty soaps and all shower gels cost £2.00 each. Don’t forget that from an extra £1 you can have your items displayed in a basket, to make an extra special seasonal gift.

Cheers – Sal xxx