Sally’s Back to Nature – Part 1

I am 38 years old and have worked in an office most of my working life, but back in 2004 I changed my life for the better. I went back to college; my dream of becoming an Aromatherapist was becoming reality. Firstly I learnt “Anatomy & Physiology”. The workings of the body are amazing, even the finest tuned car would be “left standing”. I passed my exam at Dudley College and I was quick to enrol again this time to learn “Swedish Body Massage”. The following September the “Aromatherapy” course commenced and the name “Sally Soul Fingers” was born. Soul Fingers, because during massage my hands can become very hot (like Iron’s). This is when a client needs to be healed, it could be physically or when someone is holding on to a strong emotion like a regret or concern for a loved one. By the time I’d qualified as an Aromatherapist I was addicted and “Indian Head Massage” and “Hopi Ear Candling” quickly followed.

I believe that nature can heal and protect us from harm. The holistic approach is about preventing health problems and assisting your body to heal itself. By the time you’ve booked an appointment at your GP it’s often to late. So how can we help: – Massage can increase your circulation, aiding your body to eliminate toxics and absorb nutrients more effectively. As your body relaxes blood pressure decreases and the stresses and strains of everyday living melts away. Clients report improved sleep patterns, a sense of well-being and increased mobility. Book an appointment today and find out for yourself.